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Indiana National Memorials

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

8/4/1994 Drove a ways to the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial [NHL]. Very nice place. Looked around the museum building - a lot of background on Lincoln, his father, mother and stepmother. Walked a short ways to Nancy Hanks Lincoln's grave (Lincoln's mother), then on to where the foundation and hearth of Lincoln's boyhood cabin was preserved by bronzing. Continued to a great reconstruction of the Lincoln farm with the barns and animals, wood chopping area, rope making and a cabin fully outfitted including people in period dress. Walked back to the parking lot via a trail with 12 stones pertaining to Lincoln. Some were good, e.g. the rock he stood on when he delivered the Emancipation Proclamation, others were a stretch, like the stone from his father's store in Illinois.

The park sign
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Me at the VC
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Lincoln's mother's grave
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The original cabin site
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Nice reconstruction of the farm
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