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North Dakota National Historic Sites

Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site

6/13/2008 Headed north to Knife River Villages NHS [on the L&C NHT]. When we arrived they were vacuuming the rugs and looking not entirely organized; later we realized that due to being in MDT we arrived 20 minutes before opening. We watched a good film on the Hidatsa Indians that lived there (just like the Mandan), then walked 1 ½ miles roundtrip past the depressions of the original village mounds and down to the Knife River. Weather was still very windy with threatening and sometimes rainy skies slowly giving way to sun. Checked out an excellent lodge reproduction ...

The park sign
NPS Image
Interpretive signage near the mounds
NPS Image
Ken and me near a lodge ...
NPS Image
... and some of the interior
NPS Image