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39 Alabama National Historic Landmarks

Barton Hall (Cherokee) - 10/15/2017
An unusually sophisticated Greek Revival-style antebellum plantation house built for the mercantile businessman in the 1840s
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Bethel Baptist ChurchPlaque (Birmingham) - 10/14/2017
Noted for its significant association with Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, it was the three-times-bombed historical headquarters of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights
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Edmund Pettus Bridge (Selma) - 5/20/2002
A steel through arch bridge named for Confederate general Edmund Winston Pettus and famous as the site of the 1965 conflict when armed officers attacked peaceful civil rights demonstrators attempting to march to Montgomery
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Episcopal Church of the NativityPlaque (Huntsville) - 2/13/2020
Built in 1859, it is one of the most pristine examples of Ecclesiological Gothic architecture in the South
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First Confederate Capitol (Montgomery) - 10/1/1997
The Executive Residence of President Jefferson Davis and family while the capitol of the Confederacy was in Montgomery
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GaineswoodPlaque (Demopolis) - 10/14/2017
Completed in its current Greek Revival form in 1861, it is considered to be Alabama's finest neoclassical house and one of the country’s most unusual neoclassical mansions
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Ivy Green (Florence) - 10/15/2017
The childhood home of Helen Keller, the simple white clapboard house was built in 1820 and includes the well pump where Keller first communicated with Anne Sullivan
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J. L. M. Curry HomePlaque (Talladega) - 10/15/2017
The home of the politician, diplomat, educator, and enthusiastic advocate of universal education
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Moundville Archaeological SitePlaque (Moundville) - 10/14/2017
The site was the political and ceremonial center of a regionally organized Mississippian culture chiefdom polity between the 11th and 16th centuries
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Neutral Buoyancy Space Simulator (Huntsville) - 2/13/2020
A neutral buoyancy pool where starting in 1968, engineers and astronauts developed hardware and practiced procedures
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Propulsion And Structural Test Facility (Huntsville) - 2/13/2020
Built in 1957, it was the site where the first single-stage rockets with multiple engines were tested
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Redstone Test StandPlaque (Huntsville) - 2/13/2020
Used to develop and test fire the Redstone missile, Jupiter-C sounding rocket, Juno I launch vehicle and Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle
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Saturn V Dynamic Test Stand (Huntsville) - 2/13/2020
The test stand used for testing of the Saturn V rocket and the Space Shuttle prior to the vehicles' first flights
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Saturn V Launch VehiclePlaque (Huntsville) - 2/13/2020
A prototype Saturn V rocket used by NASA to test the performance of the rocket when vibrated
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Sixteenth Street Baptist ChurchPlaque (Birmingham) - 10/14/2017
Target of the 1963 bombing that killed four young girls who were preparing for Sunday school, which became a galvanizing force for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
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Sloss Blast Furnaces (Birmingham) - 10/14/2017
Operated as a pig iron-producing blast furnace from 1882 to 1971, it became one of the first industrial sites in the U.S. to be preserved and restored for public use
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St. Andrews Episcopal ChurchPlaque (Prairieville) - 10/14/2017
The 1853 board-and-batten Carpenter Gothic Revival-style church supported the 1834 mission which servef the settlers who mostly came from the Atlantic Seaboard
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Swayne Hall, Talladega CollegePlaque (Talladega) - 10/15/2017
The oldest building, built in 1857 in part by slaves, on the campus of Talladega College, for a time the only liberal arts college for black Americans in Alabama
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Tuskegee Institute (Tuskegee) - 10/1/1997
The campus of the Tuskegee Institute, including sites relating to Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver
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Wilson Dam (Muscle Shoals) - 10/15/2017
The dam, eventually part of the TVA, submerged the Muscle Shoals, opening the upper Tennessee River for navigation with the highest single lift lock east of the Rockys
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