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47 Arizona National Historic Landmarks

Air Force Facility Missile Site 8 (Sahuarita) - 5/1/2014
A former ICBM missile site which includes an inert Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile in the silo, as well as the original launch facilities
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Fort Bowie and Apache Pass (Bowie) - 5/16/1998
This fort was a focal point in Army operations against the Chiricahua Apache in the 1860s and '70s
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Fort Huachuca (Sierra Vista) - 5/1/2014
The Fort started as Camp Huachuca in 1877 to counter the Chiricahua Apache threat and to secure the border with Mexico, and in 1913 was the base for the "Buffalo Soldiers."
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Gatlin Site - 4/7/2019
Preserves one of the few documented platform mounds from the AD 800 to 1200 Hohokam settlement at the great bend of the Gila River
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Hoover Dam - 11/4/2002
A concrete arch-gravity dam on the Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and Nevada (formerly Boulder Dam)
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Hubbell Trading Post - 5/23/2001
Constructed in 1897, this was a trading post to the Navajo nation and settlers
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Lehner Mammoth Kill SitePlaque - 5/1/2014
The site is significant for its association with evidence that mammoths were killed here by Paleo-Indians 9000 years BCE
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Murray Springs Clovis SitePlaque - 5/1/2014
The Clovis hunting camp from 9000 years BCE is unique for the massive quantity of large megafauna processing and extensive tool making
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Phelps Dodge General Office Building (Bisbee) - 5/1/2014
The building was the headquarters of the Phelps Dodge mining company from 1896 to 1961
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Pueblo Grande Ruin and Irrigation DitchPlaque (Phoenix) - 5/2/2014
These are pre-Columbian Hohokam archaeological sites and ruins from around 450 CE, including a historic platform mound and irrigation canals
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San Xavier Del Bac Mission (Tucson) - 5/1/2014
This is a 1692 Spanish Catholic mission in the center of a centuries-old Indian settlement of the Tohono O’odham named for Francis Xavier
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Snaketown - 4/30/2014
Snaketown is an archaeological site that was inhabited by the Hohokam people between 300 BCE and 1200 CE
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Tombstone Historic District (Tombstone) - 5/22/1999
Includes the famous OK Corral, and associated with the struggle with lawlessness in frontier towns
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Tumacacori Museum - 5/22/1999
A Mission Revival structure built in 1937 in the style of a mission complex
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Yuma Crossing and Associated SitesPlaque - 9/13/2008
A natural crossing over the Colorado, important during the westward expansion (Territorial Prison shown)
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