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26 Kansas National Historic Landmarks

Fort Larned - 6/11/2007
Established in 1859 to protect the Santa Fe Trail from hostile Indians
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Fort Leavenworth - 5/30/1993
A forward base established in 1827 to protect the Santa Fe Trail and is today a major U.S. Army facility
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Fort Scott - 5/21/2000
Founded in 1842, the fort has served on the Indian frontier, during the Civil War, and to protect the railroads
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Lecompton Constitution HallPlaque (Lecompton) - 6/1/2019
First important in 1857 as a land claims office, it was then the site of the Kansas statehood Constitutional Convention
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Marais de Cygnes Massacre SitePlaque (Pleasanton) - 5/26/2021
The site commemorates the 1858 massacre during Bleeding Kansas where a group of pro-slavery border ruffians captured 11 abolitionist free-staters
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Nicodemus Historic District (Nicodemus) - 6/11/2007
A western town established by African Americans during the post-Civil War period
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Shawnee MissionPlaque (Fairway) - 5/31/2019
Established by missionaries in 1830 to minister to the Shawnee tribe of Native Americans who had been removed to Kansas
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Spring Hill Ranch – 5/21/2000
A cattle ranch in the Flint Hills containing a vast expanse of tallgrass prairie and a virtually intact late nineteenth century ranch headquarters compound
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Sumner/Monroe Elementary SchoolPlaque (Topeka) – 5/20/2000
The two schools central to the 1954 Brown v Board of Education segregation case
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Wyandotte National Burying Ground (Eliza Burton Conley Burial Site)Plaque(Kansas City) - 5/31/2019
Established 1843, after the Wyandot had arrived following removal from Ohio, later with Conley fighting to preserve it
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