South Carolina National Historic Landmarks

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76 South Carolina National Historic Landmarks

Atalaya and Brookgreen Gardens (Murrells Inlet) - 10/26/1994
Encompasses two formerly-united properties associated with sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington - Atalaya Castle and the sculpture garden of Brookgreen Gardens
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Charleston Historic District (Charleston) - 10/27/1994
The historic district contains primarily residential buildings in addition to commercial, ecclesiastical, and government-related buildings
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Clark Mills StudioPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
The residence and studio between 1837 and 1848 of the sculptor credited with creating the first cast equestrian bronze statue, the 1852 statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C
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Drayton HallPlaque - 10/27/2018
An 18th-century plantation and the only plantation house, of Palladian architecture, on the Ashley River to survive intact both the Revolutionary and Civil wars
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Dubose Heyward HousePlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
The home from 1919 to 1924 of the author of Porgy, one of the first works to portray Southern African-Americans in a positive light
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Edward Rutledge HousePlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
The 18th-century house was the home of the signer of the Declaration of Independence and later Governor of South Carolina
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Farmers' and Exchange BankPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
An 1853 Moorish Revival commercial building, it is an architecturally distinctive building, with features rarely seen in the U.S.
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Fireproof Building (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Built in 1827, it was the most fire-resistant building in the U.S. at the time, and is believed to be the oldest fire-resistant building in America today
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French Huguenot ChurchPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
A Gothic Revival church, built in 1844 and designed by architect Edward Brickell White, it is the oldest Gothic Revival church in the state
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Hampton PlantationPlaque - 10/26/2018
Established in 1735, its main house is one of the state's finest examples of a wood frame Georgian plantation house
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Heyward-Washington HousePlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Home to Signer of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Heyward, Jr., and where George Washington stayed during his 1791 visit to Charleston
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Hibernian HallPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
A historic Greek Revival meeting hall and social venue ; built in 1840, it is Charleston's only architectural work by Thomas Ustick Walter
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Hopsewee Plantation - 10/26/2018
The birthplace of Thomas Lynch, Jr., a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and served as a Lowcountry rice plantation
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John Rutledge HousePlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Completed in 1763, it was the home of the Governor of South Carolina and signer of the Constitution
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Joseph H. Rainey HousePlaque - 10/26/2018
This was the home of the first black US Congressman, a former slave
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Middleton Place - 10/27/2018
Built in the18th and 19th centuries, the plantation was the primary residence of several generations of the prominent Middleton family
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Nathaniel Russell House (Charleston) - 10/27/1994
The Rhode Island merchant spent $80,000 on this 1809 Adamesque building, considered one of America's most important Neoclassical houses
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Ninety-Six and Star Fort - 5/18/2003
A Loyalist stronghold early in the Revolution and fortified by the British in 1780, the site of a siege against the 550 Loyalists in the village, centered on an earthen fortification known as Star Fort
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Old Exchange and Provost DungeonPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Built in 1767, it has served a variety of civic functions, including a POW facility operated by British forces during the Revolutionary War
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Penn School Historic District - 4/10/2009
Founded in 1862, it was the first school in the Southern U.S. founded specifically for the education of African-Americans
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Powder Magazine (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Used as a gunpowder store through the Revolutionary War, it is the oldest surviving public building in the former Province of Carolina
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Robert Brewton HousePlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
With a construction date at or before 1730, it is the oldest dated example of a "single" house -one room wide, with the narrow end towards the street
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Snee Farm (Mount Pleasant) - 5/17/2003
The plantation home of a principal author and a signer of the U.S. Constitution
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South Carolina State House (Columbia) - 4/10/2009
The building in the Greek Revival style houses the General Assembly and the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor
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St. James ChurchPlaque (Charleston County) - 10/26/2018
Built in 1768, it is a remarkably sophisticated expression of fashionable Georgian architecture in a remote area and one of a handful of surviving 18th-century country churches in the state
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St. Michael's Episcopal ChurchPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Built between 1751 and 1761 on the site of the original wooden church built in 1681, it is the oldest surviving religious structure in Charleston
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St. Philip's Episcopal ChurchPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Built in 1836, this stuccoed brick church features an imposing tower designed in the Wren-Gibbs tradition
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Stono River Slave Rebellion Site (Rantowles) - 10/27/2018
The site of the 1739 slave rebellion led by native Africans from Kongo, the largest slave uprising in the British mainland colonies
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Unitarian ChurchPlaque (Charleston) - 10/27/2018
Built in 1772 it is the oldest Unitarian church in the South the second oldest church in downtown Charleston
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USS Clamagore (Mount Pleasant) - 10/26/2018
A Balao-class submarine built in 1945 and still in training when WWII ended, she is the only known surviving example of a GUPPY-type sub
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USS Laffey (Mount Pleasant) - 10/26/2018
An Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer from WWII, nicknamed "The Ship That Would Not Die" for her exploits during the D-Day invasion and the battle of Okinawa
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USS Yorktown (Mount Pleasant) - 10/26/2018
One of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during WWII, named after the Battle of Yorktown, and the fourth Navy ship to bear the name
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