South Dakota National Historic Landmarks

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16 South Dakota National Historic Landmarks

Arzberger Site - 10/4/2019
This is an archaeological site for a large fortified village, that is the type site for the Initial Coalescent, a culture that flourished in the area c. 1200-1350 CE
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Bear Butte - 10/2/2019
An important landmark and religious site for the Plains Indians tribes long before Europeans reached South Dakota
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Blood Run Site - 10/4/2019
The site, named for the iron-stained soil, was essentially populated for 8,500 years, within which earthworks structures were built by the Oneota Culture and descendant tribes
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Bloom Site - 10/4/2019
The site contains the remains of a prehistoric fortified area, which was last inhabited about 1000 CE
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Crow Creek Site - 10/4/2019
This is the site of an overwhelming attack and massacre occurring around the mid 1300s CE between Native American groups along the Missouri River
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Deadwood Historic DistrictPlaque (Deadwood) - 10/2/2019
With its heyday from 1876 to 1879, after gold deposits had been discovered there, the town had famous residents like Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane, and Wild Bill Hickok
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Fort Pierre ChouteauPlaque (Fort Pierre) - 10/3/2019
This was a major trading post and military outpost on the Missouri River during the mid-19th century
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Fort Thompson Mounds (Fort Thompson) - 10/4/2019
This is a complex of archaeological sites extending about 6 miles along the Missouri River, one of the largest known complex of burial mounds in the Plains region north of Kansas
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Frawley Ranch - 10/2/2019
In the early 1900s, Henry Frawley developed what became the largest and most successful cattle ranch in western South Dakota by purchasing lands that had failed as smaller homesteading parcels
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Langdeau Site (Lower Brule) - 10/4/2019
The site consists of fifteen depressions consistent with traditional earthlodge construction from between 1100 and 1300 CE, with no evidence that the village was fortified
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Mitchell SitePlaque (Mitchell) - 10/4/2019
The site contains the 1000-year-old remains of a village made of lodges surrounded by a ditch and timber palisade
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Verendrye SitePlaque (Fort Pierre) - 10/3/2019
The place where the La VĂ©rendrye brothers, the first Europeans to explore this area, placed a lead plate bearing the crest of France during their 1742-43 expedition
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