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Chester A. Arthur

Presidents Image

Presidents Image



Home: 123 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY (Private)

Visited: 12/30/10

Log Excerpt: "... then headed out, over to Lexington and down to the ... Chester A. Arthur Home – this was the home of the President before and after his term of office, living there after the assassination attempt on Garfield and taking the oath of office there upon Garfield’s death in 1881. The building now has a Mediterranean grocery on the first two floors and secure-entrance apartments on the top three. There was an historical plaque inside the apartment entrance, but no official NHL. Ken did even wander around the store looking for it, but nothing was found."

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Gravesite: Albany Rural Cemetery, Lot 8 Section 24, Cemetery Avenue, Menands, NY

Visited: 11/5/07

Log Excerpt: "Went to Albany Rural Cemetery and found the somewhat more impressive grave of Chester A. Arthur [in the Hudson River Valley NHA]."