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Harry S Truman

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Presidents Image



Home: 219 North Delaware Street, Independence, MO (Harry S Truman National Historic Site)

Visited: 5/20/00

Log Excerpt: "Drove down to Independence. ... continued to Visitor Center for Harry Truman NHS [Harry S Truman Historic District]. Saw a brief slide show, then drove up to the house. Took a tour of the home that Bess Truman lived in all her life and that the Trumans lived in while not in D.C."

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Gravesite: Harry S Truman Library and Museum, Independence, MO

Visited: 5/20/00

Log Excerpt: "Went a short ways to the Truman Library and saw the graves of the Trumans in the courtyard."

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Museum/Library: Harry S Truman Presidential Library and Museum, Independence, MO

Visited: 5/31/2019

Log Excerpt: "We then started our tour of Kansas City area sights, beginning in Independence: Truman Library/Museum and Grave. We spent a while here in the first of the modern extensive Presidential museums, looking through the history of the Truman era, including the Oval Office vignette that we like. Outside in the attractive courtyard is an eternal flame and the graves of Truman and his wife Bess. In a separate little area we went in to see the Truman office as it was when he actually worked here before he passed away. The museum is in the Harry S Truman NHL District (sites associated with the President including the residence where he lived for most of his adult life as well as the Library/Museum). It is also a contributing property in the Freedom's Frontier NHA."