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Benjamin Harrison

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Presidents Image



Birthplace: Symmes and Washington Avenues, North Bend, OH (Marker)

Visited: 5/29/11

Log Excerpt: "Back on the road around Cincinnati to North Bend and found the marker for the Big House, home of William Henry Harrison and birthplace of Benjamin Harrison."

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Home: President Benjamin Harrison Home (NHL), 1230 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN

Visited: 6/2/17

Log Excerpt: "The 1870s home of the 23rd President; it was from the front porch of the house that Harrison instituted his famous 1888 Front Porch Campaign."

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Gravesite: Crown Hill Cemetery, 700 West 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN

Visited: 6/2/17

Log Excerpt: "In Crown Hill Cemetery. Although the cemetery was open until 8:00, we were concerned about finding the grave on the expansive grounds. Here again we lucked out - signs indicated that we should follow a white line to the President's grave (and to James Whitcomb Riley's grave). After our photos, getting out was a little trickier, but we found the yellow line back to the office and exit."