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  1. G. Washington   2. J. Adams   3. T. Jefferson   4. J. Madison   5. J. Monroe   6. J. Q. Adams   7. A. Jackson
  8. M. Van Buren   9. W. Harrison 10. J. Tyler 11. J. K. Polk 12. Z. Taylor 13. M. Fillmore 14. F. Pierce
15. J. Buchanan 16. A. Lincoln 17. A. Johnson 18. U. Grant 19. R. Hayes 20. J. Garfield 21. C. Arthur
22. G. Cleveland 23. B. Harrison 24. G. Cleveland 25. W. McKinley 26. T. Roosevelt 27. W. Taft 28. W. Wilson
29. W. Harding 30. C. Coolidge 31. H. Hoover 32. F. Roosevelt 33. H. Truman 34. D. Eisenhower 35. J. Kennedy
36. L. Johnson 37. R. Nixon 38. G. Ford 39. J. Carter 40. R. Reagan 41. G. Bush 42. W. Clinton
43. G. W. Bush 44. B. Obama 45. D. Trump 46. J. Biden

George Bush

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Birthplace: 173 Adams Street, Milton, MA (Private)

Visited: 7/9/2010

Log Excerpt: "... headed southeast near Boston ... to Milton and the birthplace of George H. W. Bush. The road out front and side of the house was all cut up under construction (with heavy machines parked on the street), trees blocked most of the view and the house looked a bit run down. There was a plaque out front, however, noting the historical significance."

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Home: Walker’s Point, Kennebunkport, TX

Visited: 9/12/22

Log Excerpt: "... we headed south and to the coast in Kennebunkport. All of these drives through small towns and along the Maine coast are really enjoyable. We arrived at our waypoint at a somewhat formalized shoulder viewpoint of the Walker Point Estate, a.k.a. a George Bush home. This was just such a super spot to enjoy the views of the rocky coast, crashing waves, boats, and, of course, our Presidential home checkbox. This is the summer retreat of the Bush family and served as the summer White House of George H. W. Bush"