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James K. Polk

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Birthplace: 12031 Lancaster Highway, Pineville, NC (James K. Polk State Historic Site)

Visited: 6/29/07

Log Excerpt: "... then headed to the James K. Polk Historic Site in Pineville. This is the remaining part of the farm where the president was born. Got a brief tour of the reconstructed log cabin then back to the visitor center for a look around the museum and good film."

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Home: Polk Ancestral Home, 301 West 7th Street, Columbia, TN

Visited: 9/17/16

Log Excerpt: "In Columbia I stopped at the James K. Polk Ancestral Home NHL (and SHS). The 1816 Federal-style house built by his father is the President’s only surviving home. After watching a video and looking through the small museum, I got an excellent personal tour of the home, furnished with many items from Polk Place, the now-demolished last Polk home."

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Gravesite: Tennessee State Capital Grounds, Charlotte Road, Nashville, TN

Visited: 9/15/16

Log Excerpt: "While doing so I found the gravesite of President James K. Polk, under a little protective enclosure."