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John F. Kennedy

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Birthplace: 83 Beals Street, Brookline, MA (John F. Kennedy National Historic Site)

Visited: 9/4/99

Log Excerpt: "Back down into Brookline ... to the John F. Kennedy NHS [Birthplace NHL], his birthplace. Saw a very good video on Rose Kennedy, then toured the house, redone by Rose to look like 1917 when JFK was born."

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Home: Corner of Abbottsford and Naples Roads, Brookline, MA

Visited: 9/5/99

Log Excerpt: "Back down to Brookline; checked out JFK's second boyhood home (a short distance from the first), and the family church."

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Gravesite: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

Visited: 5/23/92, 11/9/08 (shown)

Log Excerpts:

5/23/92 "... saw JFK and RFK graves and changing of the guard at Tomb of the Unknowns."

11/9/08 "Continued down a bit to the JFK grave and eternal flame, and a bit more to President Taft’s grave."

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Museum/Library: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Columbia Point, Boston, MA

Visited: 8/11/2019

Log Excerpt: "... we moved on back to Boston and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The first thing we did inside was to get some lunch in the nice café overlooking Dorchester Bay. We then took the path through the museum, starting with the campaign trail, through the Presidency and ending with the JFK legacy after his assassination. On the path we passed through a very nice central White House corridor, with rooms off of it for different presentations. The Oval Room wasn’t as effective as in others we’ve seen, only reproducing central parts and have a huge video screen behind the desk. Exiting the exhibit area we entered the soaring Pavilion area, with a multi-story open area of open structure, looking out over the water. Heading outside we took a stroll around the building and along the water."