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Lyndon B. Johnson

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Home: Boyhood Home, US Highway 290, Johnson City, TX (Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park - Johnson City District)

Visited: 5/24/97

Log Excerpt: "Continued up to Johnson City to the Lyndon B. Johnson NHP. Just caught a tour of LBJ’s boyhood home [Lyndon Baines Johnson Boyhood Home NHL], then took a trail to LBJ’s grandparents’ original log cabin, which is 95% original and quite impressive in its construction and good condition."

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Museum/Library: Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, The University of Texas at Austin

Visited: 4/14/2018

Log Excerpt: "We spent quite a while here on the three floors of exhibits. There were many reminders of the history that took place while we were kids, and many displays of pop-culture items that we remembered or owned. On one floor was a replica of the Oval Office during Johnson’s administration."