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15. J. Buchanan 16. A. Lincoln 17. A. Johnson 18. U. Grant 19. R. Hayes 20. J. Garfield 21. C. Arthur
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Theodore Roosevelt

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Presidents Image



Birthplace: 28 East 20th Street, New York, NY (Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site)

Visited: 2/28/18

Log Excerpt: "We walked down through Madison Square Park, spotting NHLs from past visits, and over to the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace NHS. We confirmed we’d be good for a 10:00 tour, then stepped out to find some water and snack for me, followed by a look around the exhibits in the NHS museum. Took the tour at 10:00 with two other guys. The original birthplace building had been demolished in 1916, but then totally reconstructed after Roosevelt’s death to faithfully match the original, with many Roosevelt family furnishings."

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Home: 12 Sagamore Hill Road, Oyster Bay, NY, (Sagamore Hill National Historic Site)

Visited: Multiple times (8/20/95 shown)

Log Excerpt: "Visited Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, ..."

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Gravesite: Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Cove Road and Cove Neck Road, Oyster Bay, NY

Visited: 7/3/95

Log Excerpt: N/A