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Warren G. Harding

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Birthplace: Highways 97 and 288, Blooming Grove, OH, (Marker)

Visited: 5/14/10, 5/31/11 (shown)

Log Excerpts:

5/13/10 "... we got off ... for what was supposed to be a quick jog for the Warren G. Harding birthplace marker. We circled many times at the waypoint, but later found out we were just down the road a little (didn’t get close enough to Blooming Grove)."

5/31/11 "We continued on the LH then back roads and hit the Warren Harding birthplace in Blooming Grove which had eluded Ken and me while on the LH due to some misleading directions making us off by less than a mile. This time I set the waypoint using Google Earth!"

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Home: 380 Mount Vernon Avenue, Marion, OH, (President Harding Home and Museum)

Visited: 5/14/10

Log Excerpt: "Continued a short way to the [Warren G.] Harding Home [NHL], where he lived up to the time he went to Washington."

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Gravesite: Corner of Delaware Avenue and Vernon Heights Boulevard, State Route 423, Marion, OH

Visited: 5/14/10

Log Excerpt: "... then on to Marion and the Harding Memorial at Harding Memorial Park. This large memorial, a classical rotunda of marble, was very impressive. The graves of the Hardings were in open air in the center, right next to a tree (within the rotunda)."