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William Henry Harrison

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Birthplace: Berkeley Plantation, 12602 Harrison Landing Road, Charles City, VA

Visited: 2/16/98

Log Excerpt: "Went down the river a bit to Berkeley [NHL], another plantation and site of the first Thanksgiving. Benjamin Harrison V (not the president) and son William Henry lived here. Got a tour of this home, saw a film and walked the grounds down to the river."

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Home: "Big House", Corner of Symmes and Washington Avenues, North Bend, OH

Visited: 5/29/11

Log Excerpt: "Back on the road around Cincinnati to North Bend and found the marker for the Big House, home of William Henry Harrison and birthplace of Benjamin Harrison."

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Gravesite: William Henry Harrison State Park (Memorial), Cliff Road off US 50, North Bend, OH

Visited: 5/29/11

Log Excerpt: "A short distance away we found the surprisingly impressive memorial to WHH high up on a hill, where we took a walk around and looked in the crypt"