Signers of the Declaration of Independence

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  1. Abraham Clark (New Jersey)   2. Arthur Middleton (South Carolina)   3. Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania)   4. Benjamin Harrison (Virginia)
  5. Benjamin Rush (Pennsylvania)   6. Button Gwinnett (Georgia)   7. Caesar Rodney (Delaware)   8. Carter Braxton (Virginia)
  9. Charles Carroll (Maryland) 10. Edward Rutledge (South Carolina) 11. Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts) 12. Francis Hopkinson (New Jersey)
13. Francis Lewis (New York) 14. Francis Lightfoot Lee (Virginia) 15. George Clymer (Pennsylvania) 16. George Read (Delaware)
17. George Ross (Pennsylvania) 18. George Taylor (Pennsylvania) 19. George Walton (Georgia) 20. George Wythe (Virginia)
21. James Smith (Pennsylvania) 22. James Wilson (Pennsylvania) 23. John Adams (Massachusetts) 24. John Hancock (Massachusetts)
25. John Hart (New Jersey) 26. John Morton (Pennsylvania) 27. John Penn (North Carolina) 28. John Witherspoon (New Jersey)
29. Joseph Hewes (North Carolina) 30. Josiah Bartlett (New Hampshire) 31. Lewis Morris (New York) 32. Lyman Hall (Georgia)
33. Matthew Thornton (New Hampshire) 34. Oliver Wolcott (Connecticut) 35. Philip Livingston (New York) 36. Richard Henry Lee (Virginia)
37. Richard Stockton (New Jersey) 38. Robert Morris (Pennsylvania) 39. Robert Treat Paine (Massachusetts) 40. Roger Sherman (Connecticut)
41. Samuel Adams (Massachusetts) 42. Samuel Chase (Maryland) 43. Samuel Huntington (Connecticut) 44. Stephen Hopkins (Rhode Island)
45. Thomas Heyward Jr. (South Carolina) 46. Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) 47. Thomas Lynch Jr. (South Carolina) 48. Thomas McKean (Delaware)
49. Thomas Nelson Jr. (Virginia) 50. Thomas Stone (Maryland) 51. William Ellery (Rhode Island) 52. William Floyd (New York)
53. William Hooper (North Carolina) 54. William Paca (Maryland) 55. William Whipple (New Hampshire) 56. William Williams (Connecticut)

Elbridge Gerry

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Home: Pennsylvania Avenue NW and 19th Street NW, Washington, DC

Visited: 10/16/2022

Log Excerpt: "Seven Buildings. Constructed in 1796, they were some of the earliest residential structures built in the city. One of the Seven Buildings was the presidential home of James Madison and his wife, Dolley, after the burning of the White House in 1814, and later (as we also newly discovered) the residence of Martin Van Buren shortly before and after his inauguration as president. Signer Elbridge Gerry lived in it while he was vice president from 1813 till his death in 1814. The political practice of gerrymandering is named after him. The facades of two buildings were incorporated (very neatly, we thought) into the Embassy of Mexico in 1986."

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Gravesite: Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC

Visited: 9/25/2021

Log Excerpt: "Continuing more north in typical DC traffic I stopped at Congressional Cemetery. Although I had been here before as an NHL, this stop was to see the grave of Signer Elbridge Gerry, which I quickly found."