Signers of the Declaration of Independence

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  1. Abraham Clark (New Jersey)   2. Arthur Middleton (South Carolina)   3. Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania)   4. Benjamin Harrison (Virginia)
  5. Benjamin Rush (Pennsylvania)   6. Button Gwinnett (Georgia)   7. Caesar Rodney (Delaware)   8. Carter Braxton (Virginia)
  9. Charles Carroll (Maryland) 10. Edward Rutledge (South Carolina) 11. Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts) 12. Francis Hopkinson (New Jersey)
13. Francis Lewis (New York) 14. Francis Lightfoot Lee (Virginia) 15. George Clymer (Pennsylvania) 16. George Read (Delaware)
17. George Ross (Pennsylvania) 18. George Taylor (Pennsylvania) 19. George Walton (Georgia) 20. George Wythe (Virginia)
21. James Smith (Pennsylvania) 22. James Wilson (Pennsylvania) 23. John Adams (Massachusetts) 24. John Hancock (Massachusetts)
25. John Hart (New Jersey) 26. John Morton (Pennsylvania) 27. John Penn (North Carolina) 28. John Witherspoon (New Jersey)
29. Joseph Hewes (North Carolina) 30. Josiah Bartlett (New Hampshire) 31. Lewis Morris (New York) 32. Lyman Hall (Georgia)
33. Matthew Thornton (New Hampshire) 34. Oliver Wolcott (Connecticut) 35. Philip Livingston (New York) 36. Richard Henry Lee (Virginia)
37. Richard Stockton (New Jersey) 38. Robert Morris (Pennsylvania) 39. Robert Treat Paine (Massachusetts) 40. Roger Sherman (Connecticut)
41. Samuel Adams (Massachusetts) 42. Samuel Chase (Maryland) 43. Samuel Huntington (Connecticut) 44. Stephen Hopkins (Rhode Island)
45. Thomas Heyward Jr. (South Carolina) 46. Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) 47. Thomas Lynch Jr. (South Carolina) 48. Thomas McKean (Delaware)
49. Thomas Nelson Jr. (Virginia) 50. Thomas Stone (Maryland) 51. William Ellery (Rhode Island) 52. William Floyd (New York)
53. William Hooper (North Carolina) 54. William Paca (Maryland) 55. William Whipple (New Hampshire) 56. William Williams (Connecticut)

Samuel Huntington

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Birthplace: Samuel Huntington Birthplace, 36 Huntington Road, Scotland, CT

Visited: 7/3/2015

Log Excerpt: "Heading southwest from here we first went to Scotland for the Samuel Huntington Birthplace NHL. This was the birthplace and boyhood home of the statesman who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress, where he signed the Declaration of Independence, and as Governor of Connecticut. Although this was just a photo-op, there was some good signage for the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route, which the house is on."

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Home: Gov. Samuel Huntington House, 34 East Town Street, Norwich, CT

Visited: 5/26/2019

Log Excerpt: "Samuel Huntington Home (Norwich). Right around the block from the cemetery, the nicely-preserved home is now a business building."

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Gravesite: Old Norwichtown Cemetery, Norwich, CT

Visited: 5/26/2019

Log Excerpt: "Samuel Huntington Grave (Norwich). We had the GPS location of the tomb, so after a short walk in the rolling cemetery we found the nicely decorated grave with some signage."